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    About Holy Land Prayer Delivery Service

    The Enjoyment of Prayer in the Holy Land

    Our Church is proud to offer our entire community a free prayer delivery service that enables you to send your paper prayers to the holiest sites throughout Israel, including; The Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, King David's Tomb, Dormition Abbey/Mary's Tomb, the Last Supper Room, Church of the Nativity, Cave of the Patriarchs, and many more. Our Church Prayer Service provides you with a spiritual experience and unique connection to God, in the Holy Land. 

    Our Church Prayer Service is a donation based charity program, so there is no charge for delivering your prayers. Your donations are greatly appreciated since there is a real cost in providing this Holy Land prayer service, direct to you. All donations are tax deductible and go directly toward supporting your Church. Our Church will email you a tax-deductible receipt for the amount of your donation.

    Whether you are here to Send a Prayer on your behalf, or for your loved ones or just browsing our Prayer selection, feel free to sign up for an account with us for easy access to all of our prayer resources.

    Prayer makes our connection to God alive and real in both the best and the worst of times. When we pray, we acknowledge God’s Presence and open the door into our lives for God to come in. God’s response to our prayers can come as Healing, Strength, Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Love and much more.

    We use the word “God” to describe the Infinite Higher Power which creates and sustains us all. You can call It "Christ", “Source”, “Consciousness”, "The Light" or whatever you like. The important thing is that you let It work miracles in your life. Because It will. Then it’s not just a matter of believing. It becomes seeing, knowing and being.

    The reality is, there is just One God. That same One God declares "Israel" as His chosen people, His Holy Land, and future Home to His third and final Temple. The Temple will be home to the strongest concentration of God’s Presence and will be a place for the nations to come and worship. We believe the more prayers we direct to God in the Holy Land, the sooner God will return with the ultimate redemption and bless us all! Amen.